15 Easy Tricks to Design Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

Updating your bathroom design at least once a year is a great way to keep it fresh and new. It’s also a great opportunity to do a thorough general cleaning in the whole area.

However, if you want to renovate and redecorate your bathroom, you might have to splurge a somewhat big amount of money. According to a report from Remodeling Magazine, it takes up to $10,500 to remodel an average bathroom.

Any fancy upgrade will drive more costs. Fortunately, there are some ways to make your bathroom look fabulous without breaking the bank. You can make a full-scale bathroom redecoration in as small as $1,000 or less. Here are some bathroom ideas for you, even when you have a limited budget.

15 Cheap Ways to Decorate the Bathroom

bathroom design on budget

Play with Paint

You’ll be surprised at how much difference you can make just by changing your paint color. It’s an effective way to create a new look in an interior space without using expensive materials.

Another great benefit you can get by using paint is that you can do the project yourself, granted that you have the time and willingness to put a lot of effort. Make sure that you allocate enough time for your redecoration project.

Use Second-hand Furniture

Updating the furniture and fixture is another great way to change the look of your bathroom. Replacing that old side table or that creaky towel rack when both are too old can help lighten up the place.

But instead of buying new furniture, check your local thrift store for second-hand items that you can restore. If you’re low on budget, try repainting old furniture to give a new look.

Avoid Using Tiles If Possible

Using tiles in the bathroom is very popular with a lot of homeowners. However, it’s not that practical if you’re on a budget since you’re going to pay for the tile and the contractor that will install the materials.

Instead of installing tiles all over the place, paint half of the area white to get the same white clean look without using more tiles.

Try Wallpaper Instead

What if painting a bathroom is not your cup of tea? Using wallpaper will do the job just fine. It is also another cheap alternative compared to other bathroom renovations. Just make sure that you use a wallpaper that has high water resistance or is extra washable.

Avoid Moving Your Plumbing

There are times when you’ll have the urge to relocate major plumbing like the toilet or the tub. However, these changes will require great costs and might require more if your plumbing complications appear. Unless there’s a significant reason to do so, avoid making changes that involve the plumbing.

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Cabinet and Drawers Matter

When it comes to redecoration, using the right cabinet and drawers matters. A simple change of this furniture can make the whole place look from rustic to modern. Using the proper cabinet or drawer can also save you a lot of bathroom space and reduce the clutter of the place.

Change Your Towels

Your towels can make a huge change in the whole bathroom design. If your interior design is clean and minimalistic, a bright-colored towel will ruin the theme. This also applies to the opposite, when the towel is too dull for the theme to work.

Go Green

Adding natural elements to the bathroom makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Both plastic and natural options are available for all sizes of budgets. However, if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, use a plastic plant design instead. Alternatively, use indoor plants that can thrive even without abundant sunshine.

Refinish Things Instead of Replacing Them

Are you planning to buy a new tub or a showerhead because the ones you have don’t look fantastic anymore? If your bathroom utilities are still working, refinishing can add more aesthetic appeal. It will also prolong the useful life and will help you save your money.

Repurpose Broken Wooden Fixtures

Broken wooden fixtures that have seen its better days can be repurposed for new usage. For example, that ladder might not be strong enough for carpentry use anymore, but it can become an improvised towel rack.

Choose A Simple Color Theme

When you’re in a tight budget, choosing a simple theme might be better. A minimalist approach can make a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. It can also help you save money on paint, furniture, and other materials that will be needed for the redecoration.

Choose the Right Rugs

Who said you couldn’t use those rugs as decor? Sure, its primary use is to keep your feet dry and clean, but it’s not an excuse to use a dull rug. Make sure to choose a rug that fits in your main theme and not just a random cloth from old clothes.

Play with Curtains

Just like rugs and towels, a mundane thing such as curtains can affect the overall look of your bathroom. Throw away that shower curtain if it is too used. You can get a pair of shower curtains for cheap. Pick a curtain that will work well on your paint color and will complement your rugs and towels.

Install A Mini-Shelf

One of the most practical ways to squeeze and utilize space in a small bathroom is by building a mini-shelf just above the sink. You can design and create your rack, or you can buy cheap customizable shelves. Either way, it’s a better option than renovating the area for more space.

Use A Wainscot While You’re On Budget

Wainscotting is great if you don’t want to use a cold bathroom early in the morning. It can provide water damage protection for your walls, as well as insulation. Just make sure that you raise at the cover at least 2/3 of the wall, as lower than that will make the design quite ugly.

Some Bathroom Design Ideas To Inspire You!

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bathroom design on budget
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