Top 10 Best Eureka Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

best Eureka vacuum cleaners

The best Eureka vacuum cleaners are necessary for every house. This is because there are a lot of brands nowadays and some of them provide cheap quality. That is why people must get the best Eureka vacuum cleaners. As they come in many different price ranges, they have the most features that you will ever need.

Here we will discuss why you must get the best Eureka vacuum cleaners and we will also discuss some of the models that fall in the best Eureka vacuum cleaners category.

The Top 10 Best Eureka Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Here are the reviews of the features, pros, and cons of the best Eureka vacuum cleaners.

NEU182A Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Eureka

Eureka Robot vacuum cleaner.

If you need to do a lot of vacuuming around your house and there are different types of floors, then this will be the best vacuum cleaner for you.


Some great features of this vacuum cleaner are mentioned below.

Works flawlessly on different surfaces.

So, this vacuum cleaner comes with different modes which can be switched for different materials. Consider that you have to use it on the hard floor, the carpet, and on the sofa. Here you will have 3 different options to select for the very surface. This means that this vacuum cleaner can be used on different materials without causing any kind of problems.

Easy to use.

The best part about this vacuum cleaner is that the mode controls are present right under your fingers which means that this will be very convenient to use. Apart from the controls, the vacuum cleaner comes with an easily detachable handle that provides easy cleaning by using the attachments.

Comes with a lot of attachments.

For utilizing the vacuum cleaner to its full potential, it comes with a lot of attachments. The 3 main are the brush attachment, the wide vacuum face, and the narrow vacuum attachment. All of these connect to a hose that also comes with the vacuum cleaner.

Using these attachments, you can easily clean narrow, hard to reach areas like the curtains, underside of the sofa cushions, and the car.

  • The Dust tank of this vacuum cleaner has more capacity than many vacuum cleaners.
  • The ultra-wide cleaning brush face makes it very efficient with the combination of the powerful motor.
  • Apart from home, it can also be used for outdoor usage like for cleaning automobiles.
  • No automatic switching between modes which means that you will have to carefully use this vacuum cleaner.

Eureka Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Groove Robot Vacuum Cleaner,

This vacuum cleaner is for the people who are clean freaks and want to get rid of any dirt that they see anywhere on the floor.


Some of the most amazing features of this unique vacuum cleaner are discussed below.

Climbing ability

Unlike some other robot vacuum cleaners, this vacuum cleaner can climb on short heights for like a centimeter or two. This makes it very applicable to the places where the floor is divided by a little change of height.

Smart controlling options.

The best part about having this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a lot of control options. With this range of control options, you will not have to move a bit to get your house cleaned. The options like connectivity with Google or Alexa provides it the compatibility to be controlled using these smart assistants.

The vacuum cleaner can also be controlled with the mobile application. This is because this is a wi-Fi enabled vacuum cleaner. Apart from these options, you can control the vacuum cleaner with the remote that comes with it. However, you can also use the onboard buttons to use the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning modes depending on the areas that you need to keep clean.

So, this vacuum cleaner comes with 3 main cleaning modes. This means that it will clean the areas that are included in the modes. One mode is for overall cleaning. One is for cleaning under the furniture and on the edges.

The last mode is for cleaning the places where the dust is frequently present. This can be places like the place near the door, the walkways, and the place where the pet uses their litter box.

Protects your floors from scratches

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this vacuum cleaner comes with the brush that is made from soft bristles. AS this can clean your whole house including the carpets and the hard floors, there will be no damage from the brush of this vacuum cleaner.

Smart protection sensors

There are possibilities that this vacuum cleaner can hit the walls so it might fall from the stairs. This is because it has sensors that provide 360-degree coverage to the vacuum cleaner about its surroundings. This helps the vacuum cleaner to be safe from any kind of accidental damage.

  • No need to move when the machines are getting the job done.
  • Powerful suction ensures that nothing is left behind.
  • Low profile design allows it to get under the furniture.
  • Auto docking and recharging feature mean you will never need to worry.
  • Easy removal of the dust by a conveniently removable container
  • Cannot be used on any surface other than the floor.
  • Boundary strips are not recommended with this vacuum cleaner as it free roams until it finds any wall or obstacle.

Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670

If you are the person who wants a reasonable vacuum cleaner that is not great for the budget but is also best in terms of quality and features, then this will be the right pick for you.


Here are some features of this vacuum cleaner.

Convenient for home, outdoor, and automobile applications.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a pair of wheels that make it very convenient to take anywhere. Apart from the convenience, it also comes with attachments that can be used for different applications like outdoor applications and cleaning the car.

Although this is a vacuum cleaner, it comes with a blower functionality that can be used to get rid of some of the leaves present in your house.

Ease access everywhere.

As this is a canister vacuum cleaner, people might be thinking that it will only be good for use on the floor. But this vacuum cleaner comes with different attachments. The most important of those is the hose that allows the vacuum cleaner to be used for cleaning things like curtains and difficult to reach areas.

Along with these attachments, the 20-foot long power cord of the vacuum cleaner and the lightweight construction of the vacuum cleaner ensures that you can use it almost anywhere in the house.

  • For convenient storage, you have a cord winding place where you can wind the cord when storing the vacuum cleaner.
  • Comes with an easy to remove and clean dust bag.
  • The extension wand helps in reaching the unreachable areas.
  • There must be automatic cord rewind functionality with this long cord.
  • Not a bagless vacuum cleaner that means you cannot wash the bags.

Eureka 3 in 1 Blaze NES210 Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka 3 in 1 Blaze NES210

Sometimes great things come in small packages. This vacuum cleaner does the same as it has a powerful motor and a very easy to use portable design.


Some amazing features of this vacuum cleaner are elaborated below.

Swivel functionality and the small unit provide easy access to different hard to reach places.

Most of the vacuum cleaners face this problem where they are unable to reach the hard to reach places. Or if they do, they need special attachments. Unlike others, this vacuum cleaner features a swivel design that allows easy cleaning, and the small unit provides it the options to reach in the most difficult areas without any problems.

Here the best part is that it is very small which makes it very lightweight and easy to maneuver as well.

Portable style makes you do the work faster.

This vacuum cleaner is a truly portable machine that has a lot of power packed in it because it uses a powerful motor connected to the mains voltage. With this functionality, the vacuum cleaner must be productive. This vacuum cleaner can easily switch between different modes and attachments that make it great for quick cleaning.

18-feet cord and 9.44-inch-wide cleaning face for efficient cleaning.

Although it seems to be small, the wide cleaning face with the combination of the powerful motor provides it the ability to do the cleaning job quickly and efficiently. The 18 feet long cord is like the icing on the cake for this vacuum cleaner as it allows it to reach the hardest areas without any issues.

  • Does not push large particles away as other vacuum cleaners do.
  • Easily works on all materials and surfaces without any mode settings.
  • Small construction and corded design provide efficient power with great portability options.
  • , Unlike big vacuum cleaners, it is very easy to store and use.
  • Comes with only 2 different attachments and no dusting brush tools.
  • This might not provide the most comfortable vacuuming experience because of the swivel and unconventional stick handle.
  • Will not pick up pet hairs as efficiently as the motorized brush vacuum cleaners do.

Eureka Bagless NEN 110A Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Bagless NEN 110A

This is another vacuum cleaner from Eureka that may seem small, but it packs a lot of features inside it. Although it is very small and easy to carry, it can still hold 2.5 liter of dust in its container.


Some amazing features of this vacuum cleaner are discussed below.

Powerful suction. The most important thing for any vacuum cleaner is the suction power. This vacuum cleaner not only has a great motor, but it also has a wide vacuum face that allows you to grab a lot of dust in one pass. This makes the suction power of this vacuum cleaner great.

Automatic cord rewind.

While for the ease of users, most of the vacuum cleaners come with very long power cords, this one does so. But the main highlight is that the wire automatically rewinds in its place. This is a feature that is lacking in most of vacuum cleaners.

This makes it very easy to store and carry. To use the automatic rewind feature, you only need to step on the pedal and the wire will start to rewind.

Different modes for different surfaces.

As it is an easy to carry vacuum cleaner, people will use it on different surfaces. That is why it has different settings for different surfaces. The 3 main settings are for the carpets, the hard floor, and the sofas and other furniture.


The buttons for switching between different modes are present right in the reach of your hand on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. This makes it very easy to use. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner has wheels that make it very easy to maneuver between spots. The last thing that is very easy with this vacuum cleaner is that it can be easily cleaned.

The dust container easily comes out of the body and that can be cleaned with easy removal of the lid without creating any mess.

  • The mode control switch integrated on the handles makes it very easy to switch between different modes for different materials.
  • The 2.5-liter bagless dust canister makes this vacuum cleaner very efficient for your budget.
  • The crevice tool easily disconnects to change the vacuum cleaner into a dusting brush device.
  • All of the filters in this vacuum cleaner are washable which means you will not have to spend extra money on filters.
  • Replacement filters for this specific model are not readily available which means that you have to be careful with them.
  • This vacuum cleaner does not come with a lot of attachments and tools.
  • The brush face of the vacuum cleaner does not have wheels which makes the cleaning process very difficult.

Eureka NEU180B

Eureka NEU180B

If you are searching for something that is portable and lightweight, then this model is going to be the perfect option. It is the upright style, but it has 5 different height adjustments, which means you can use it on all surfaces. This would work on tiles, hardwood floors, small rugs, and even fluffy carpets without any issues. It is bagless that has a large dust cup, which means that you don’t have to empty it as often before.

There are also plenty of accessories that would come along with this model, including the dusting brush, upholstery tool, and the long crevice tool. If you are looking for something that everyone loves and would recommend, then this is the model to go for.

  • Portable
  • No costs for maintenance
  • Affordable price
  • Not ideal for usage on curtains
  • Noisy

Eureka NEU100

Eureka NEU100

Another great option for the best Eureka vacuum cleaners is this model and it can be used on both hardwood floors and carpet due to the heavy-duty suctioning capacity. It cleans a wider path of 10.5” to make it easier and faster to clean a larger space and this machine is still compact and lightweight. It can also be easily stored in any small closest or even in the corner when it isn’t in use.

It has a handle that is quick-release that makes cleaning above the floor easier and you just need to attach the provided dusting or crevice tool to get to work. The filters in this model are reusable and washable, but you should always make sure they are fully dry before being replaced.

  • Affordable
  • Suction power is great
  • Perfect for cleaning upholstery
  • Not great for usage on flat style carpets
  • The cord is slightly short

Eureka Power Speed NEU188A

best Eureka vacuum cleaners

Another great model that you should check out is this upright style one that is going to be ideal if you have pets. This has 5 height options that mean you can use it on any type of flooring no matter what in your home without any issues. It has LED lights that allow you to see what is underneath the furniture and so you can be sure you are cleaning the areas sufficiently.

The dust cup is pretty big and that means you can clean your entire home a few times before needing to empty it out. This model is extremely good at picking up the hair that your pet sheds and it also comes with a few different accessories like the pet turbo brush or the crevice tool that is flexible.

  • Perfect for sucking up pet hair
  • Works on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Large dust cup
  • Not easy in terms of handling

Eureka NEU202

best Eureka vacuum cleaners

Also for pet owners this is going to be another one of the top models to check out and the hose reach is around 8 feet, which is amazing. Despite the hose being long this is still easy to pick up and move around while still being lightweight. It also has a wider cleaning path at 12.6” that allows you to clean the area faster no matter what type of flooring you are facing.

The capacity of the dust cup is 2.1 liters, which means less cleaning and emptying when you are cleaning. The cord can be wrapped around the machine and it is 25 feet long, which is pretty impressive. This is going to be great for some who don’t need a lot of power but need to get rid of pet hair and dander.

  • Hose has a long reach
  • No cost for maintenance
  • Usable on various surfaces
  • Great for those who own pets
  • Glide isn’t the best

Eureka Mighty Mite

Eureka Mighty Mite Bagged

For those who are on a budget, but still want one of the top models, then this is going to be the ideal model. This one might seem like it is cheap, but it has a 10 amp motor and a lightweight body that can be used inside your car and your home. The suction is extremely good on this model and it has a blower port that can be used when you are cleaning other areas.

This model has a feature that will automatically shut it off to avoid it from overheating. This is extremely easy to use while being portable and the controls are easy to reach.

  • Ideal for car and house usage
  • Blower function
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Not ideal for rugs

How to choose the Best Eureka Vacuum Cleaner?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner from Eureka can be a very tricky thing This is because there are a lot of options available and every other option seems to be better than the previous one. This makes a lot of confusion in the minds of users. So, here we will discuss some points that will help you in making your buying decision.

Performance of the vacuum cleaner.

The very important thing in a vacuum cleaner is the performance that you will get. It does not matter if the vacuum cleaner costs super expensive or super cheap. If it is not able to deliver for its sole purpose, then it is nothing but trash. So, the vacuum cleaner needs to perform well.

Features of the vacuum cleaner.

Apart from the performance, something that also matters a lot is the features of the vacuum cleaners. This is because the added features like different modes and extra attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner make it very productive. So, you must look for all the features that you need to be in a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you will be able to make the best purchase.

Why Should You Choose This Type of Eureka Vacuum Cleaner?

best Eureka vacuum cleaners

As there are a lot of options from different brands available in the market, most of the time people ask why they should only buy the best Eureka vacuum cleaners. Here we have some reasons for you why you must get these vacuum cleaners.

Easy to use.

The first thing to be noted is the ease of use. Whether it is the switching between modes, or it is maneuvering the vacuum cleaner from one place to another. The Eureka vacuum cleaners are best at this. This is because they are not only powerful, but they are detailed in every matter as well. cleaning the dust from the containers is also fairly easy in the Eureka vacuum cleaners.

Low noise levels.

Operating at low noise levels means that you can clean the home without disturbing anyone. The best part is that there is no compromise on suction power in any Eureka vacuum cleaner.

Key to Choosing the Ideal Eureka Vacuum Cleaner.

Although there are many options to choose from, the best practice is to look for certain things. For a vacuum cleaner, the key to buying the best Eureka vacuum cleaners is that it must be multi-functional, it must be reliable and durable, and lastly, it must be cost-efficient.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Eureka Vacuum Cleaners.

When you are buying a vacuum cleaner, there are many things that you must look into. Some of these are discussed below.

Your price constraint.

When you are going to buy any vacuum cleaner, you must decide a price constraint before buying any vacuum cleaner. This will help you in making a better decision that will not only suit your requirements in a better way, but it will also be better for your budget.

Unique features are offered in a specific product.

The features that you are getting from a vacuum cleaner will be the decider of your experience with it in the future. It could be easy switching between different modes, or it can be easy cleaning options.

It can be easy to store or the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner. While you are buying one, you must look for all these things. And it is very important to check that you are getting all of this is the best and most reliable quality.

Recommended Budget for the best Eureka Vacuum Cleaners.

Every person is unable to spend a lot of money on a simple vacuum cleaner. This is the reason why we have a lot of variations and variety available in the market. This puts people in a confusion because they can get the same functionality from a cheaper and an expensive vacuum cleaner. That is why we have the recommended budget for getting a vacuum cleaner.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that not only offers great functionality but also offers durability and reliable build quality, they will have to spend around $100 to $200 at least. Although you can get a vacuum cleaner for even cheaper prices, there you will either have to compromise on some features or you will have to compromise on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

best Eureka vacuum cleaners

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the best Eureka vacuum cleaners and the answers to them.

Are Eureka vacuum cleaners good against dry cereals, snacks, and popcorn?

While some vacuum cleaners are known to push huge particles like snacks, cereals, and popcorn. The best Eureka vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning them.

Do the upright vacuum cleaners have advantages over the canister vacuum cleaners?

No, both of them have their advantages. However, you can choose the one according to your needs with the vacuum cleaner.

Do the bagless vacuum cleaners require the filters to be frequently replaced?

No, the best thing about the bagless vacuum cleaner filters is that they are not required to be frequently replaced like the bag vacuum cleaner filters. This makes them significantly better for the budget.

How frequently do the washable filters of the vacuum cleaners must be washed?

First of all, it depends on how much you use it. However, for a regular used vacuum cleaner, it is good to wash the filters somewhere between 1 to 4 months.

How to clean the washable vacuum cleaner filters?

The bagless vacuum cleaner filters of the best Eureka vacuum cleaners come out of their container very easily. So, you can rinse them under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. However, you have to let the filters naturally dry for at least 24 hours. Additionally, you must make sure that the filters are 100% dry before you use them for the next time.

Final Thoughts

Having a vacuum cleaner has become necessary for every household. However, selecting one is a real challenge for most people. Here we had the best Eureka vacuum cleaners which were all different from one another.

The best decision anyone can make is that they buy one of the best Eureka vacuum cleaners after reading the things we mentioned above. Considering each of the mentioned things will be very helpful as this will make you buy the best Eureka vacuum cleaners according to your needs.

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