Dyson V6 Review

It is an important task for any consumer to do their research before buying anything, particularly if you want to purchase an expensive item like a vacuum cleaner.

However, there are numerous options that can easily leave you confused about what to choose, and research for individuals who have bought the item for a review can be tiring.

The good news is that we have done the job for you – so there is no need to worry about it. If the Dyson V6 is on your mind or wish list, we have a summary of the review to see whether it is the best option for you to take.


We understand that the task of cleaning your home is something you do not want to do, and it is even worse when the vacuum cleaner you use is not of the best quality – and that is probably why getting the Dyson V6 is a good investment. You will eventually save time when using it, and it makes the house cleaning sessions easier.

What to expect

This model is a portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner that aims to make your cleaning easier and is an improvement from the previous model, the Dyson DC34.

The company behind the cleaner – Dyson – are considered by many to be among the premium providers of high-quality vacuum cleaners for many years, and the V6 happens to be among their popular models.

The cleaner is quite the shift from what you would expect in a traditional model. One standout feature is the use of a bag-less canister, as well as its slim handle, which makes it quite lightweight compared to a traditional corded vacuum.

Thanks to this, it is among the most portable options you can get, and it can swing overhead without making you use a lot of effort to do so. If you are not a fan of housework and want to make it easier for you, then this is the perfect chance to take in doing so.

Key features

Dyson V6 review

Suction power

When you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, there is a major concern that many potential buyers bring up, especially regarding portable models – their suction power is not enough for the job. Even though this might be the case for some models, it is quite different for the V6.

The cleaner uses the Dyson digital motor, patented by the company, which creates a suction power of 100 AW – beating out numerous upright types of cleaners.

Even the dirt that is deeply ingrained in your carpets and floors can be removed just by using a little effort, which lessens the time you spend going over the spot again to pick up any dirt you missed.

Since Dyson is well-known for its unique suction mechanism, this model emphasizes great performance, even though the motor is not as big.


The first impression you get here is quite good, and it is far from being an ugly model. There are also plenty of great design tweaks that show the company considered many things while coming up with the model.

The biggest standout here is the power button. Instead of using the typical on/off button, there is a powerful trigger that extends the battery life, and you need to hold it down to get the most from it.

This also ensures that the model will not run unnecessarily, and the long battery life ensures you can clean as many spaces in your home as possible.

Dyson V6 review

The cleaning performance

The model includes a motorized cleaner head that utilizes a spinning movement that drags the dirt in, rather than simply sucking in the dirt. This is particularly great if you have carpets in your home, such as in the living room, as it is very easy for the rug to have plenty of embedded dirt in them.

This is in contrast to a traditional vacuum, which can only get at the surface dirt rather than all the dirt under it.

That said, this is best utilized as a vacuum cleaner for smaller households, or as a secondary cleaner. The size and design make it too limited to clean a very large home, and the battery life of 20 minutes will not be enough for very intensive cleaning.

A major problem here is the bin capacity, coming in at only 0.4 liters. While this is enough for a small apartment or home, it is less than enough for larger spaces when using it as a primary cleaner. However, it makes up for this in ease of use and lightness, weighing only 2 lbs.


There are plenty of accessories that come to help you tackle a wide array of tasks. The most obvious one is the motorized cleaning head that you use on carpets, but its power consumption is quite high so there is a non-motorized version. In addition, it includes a bristled extension and crevice tool for cleaning up hard-to-reach areas of your home.

All the attachments can easily fit on the body directly, or you can fit them in on the rigid extension, which means that you can even use the model as a handheld vacuum for cleaning tabletops, car dashboards, ceilings, and so on. Its versatility is one of its strong points.

An additional advantage comes in the form of the wall-mounted docking station, which is quite neat compared to what you would normally get. It is a great addition that can charge and store the cleaner, and it also holds two cleaning attachments.

  • Highly versatile in operations
  • Operates just as well as a corded vacuum cleaner
  • Easy to use, even with one hand
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Durable build
  • The dust bag capacity is small
  • Pricey


The strong suction ability of this model is definitely the reason why so many users love the Dyson V6, especially when using it in the max power mode. It is also quite easy to use, and lightweight, but the drawback is the short battery life of 20 minutes.

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