Hoover cordless vacuum keeps shutting off- how to fix

Hoover cordless vacuum keeps shutting off

Despite all the power most hoover cordless vacuums come with, you can run into a few issues. For instance, you might need to know how to fix one that keeps shutting off.

Hoover cordless vacuums are powerful cleaners that easily maneuverable to flick around your home. Two batteries are also provided with the package. They come built to make your cleaning routine as easy as possible without much hassle.

Their lightweight further add to the ease of using this kind of vacuums..

However, they can keep shutting off at times. This can be quite annoying if you do not know how to easily fix it. Luckily, if your hoover cordless vacuum keeps shutting off, it could be because of issues that are easily fixable.

You do not need to always go for a product replacement your hoover vacuum keeps shutting off. You also do not need to visit a professional repairer in case of such issues. Read Here: How often should you vacuum your carpet?

Sometimes all you need to do is bring out your toolbox and tinker with the parts a little bit. This article is a detailed guide on how exactly to go about that. It is written to be useful to both the pro and amateur at vacuum cleaner repair.

First, the broad reasons why your hoover cordless vacuum keeps shutting off can be: battery runtime, blockages leading to overheating or electrical issues.

Blockages and overheating

Hoover cordless vacuum keeps shutting off

First, your hoover cordless vacuum might keep shutting off because of overheating. A proper working vacuum cleaner can turn off the motor when it gets too hot. This is because of a built-in thermal that senses the temperatures. If your thermal system is faulty, your cleaner will often overheat while in use and cause it to shut down.

This is because your cleaner will usually collapse when it cannot handle the temperatures it is working at. If you do not fix this overheating, your motor will also continue to chip away in bits.

To fix it, it is first important to know why overheating occurs. In a nutshell, overheating usually occurs because of blockages within the cleaner’s compartment. In case of blockages, there is restricted air flow which in turn limits how efficiently the cleaner keeps clean.

If you have noticed your hoover cordless vacuum is prone to overheating, here is how to fix it:

Step 1

First, you need to be sure if your hoover cordless is overheating. You can know this by carefully and thoroughly look through all its compartments. Check the filters, tubing, bags and intakes. If there are any things clogging them, this might by blocking air flow for proper cooling and thereby causing overheating.

If you notice any parts that looking like they are melting away, overheating might be an already existing issue that has gone unsolved for quite some time.

Step 2

Tear apart the compartments and clean them gently. This is so that you clear the vacuum of any blockages in its major components.

For the filter particularly, you can run it through lukewarm water. Do this by sliding down the filter cup and lifting the filter. Rinse it for a few minutes and leave it to fully air dry.

Leave it outside for at least 24 hours to make sure it is properly dry before inserting it back to the cleaner. Filters often get clogged with tangled hair that can restrict airflow.

A filter replacement is also needed every six months or so. They do take in quite a beating and you are always better off replacing when due. A clogged filter can cause a hoover vacuum to easily shut down because of overheating. While cleaning your filter is good, sometimes a replacement is all your hoover cordless vacuum needs to be up and running.

Step 3

Remove the hose from the handle and drop a coin through. See if it falls through the other side easily. You can also use a broom handle to really get into your hose and move any debris in it. By doing this you can be sure that you have pushed everything out. Clogging in a vacuum easily causes shutting down.

Another way to check and fix for any blockages in your hose is to shine a flashlight through it. If you cannot see a beam of light easily on the other end, you might have to poke into the hose further.

Battery runtime

Hoover cordless is equipped with a stable, efficient battery. Over time, the battery may wane a bit. This is like all electrical appliances. To diagnose and fix battery runtime problems on your hoover cordless here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

First, check if your battery is charged. Also, check if it can charge. Keep it fully charged as this greatly enhances its performance. If it has enough charge, insert it well into the vacuum and try cleaning. If it still shuts down, you can try replacing it.

Electrical issues

Finally, your hoover cordless might be shutting off because of something wrong with its electrical system. To fix, there are a few simple things you can do.

First, check if the vacuum has the same problem when tried on a different socket. Check if it is also firmly plugged into the power outlet. The power switch might also be the issue so have a look at that too.

Secondly, check the electric motor for any visible issues. You can either do this or at a trusted repair shop. Electrical issues tend to be complex and require a visit to a professional every so often.


This guide has presented all the ways that you can fix your hoover cordless vacuum if it keeps shutting off. The problem areas are usually blockages causing overheating, battery issues or power fails.

Sometimes, consider replacing some parts like the chargers and batteries every once in a while. Also, use your hoover cordless with a bit more tender care. For example, vacuum for half an hour then let it cool for a few minutes before continuing. You might also do well with a new vacuum cleaner if all else fails.

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