Steam Vacuum Cleaner vs Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Steam Cleaner v Vacuum Cleaner
Steam Cleaner v Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching in the market for good home appliances, you will often have to choose between a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. Here is how to make your pick.

A steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner are two appliances that can be used to keep your home fresh and clean always. While they are structurally different, they can be used interchangeably. This is how you might end up having to choose between these two cleaners.

A vacuum cleaner is a well-loved appliance that can be used to keep your floors and carpets fresh and looking brand new. Weekly vacuuming is a good enough cleaning routine. On the other hand, a steam cleaner is a rather new appliance that goes the extra mile in keeping your floors and carpets clean. It especially works well for tile floors and grout. They take quite a bit of time to set up but really work wonders on tough stains.

Here is a broad overview of the differences between these two.

ProductSteam Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
UsesWorks well on stubborn stains and high traffic areas especially


Used occasionally

Cleans floors and carpets well


Used often in many households

EfficiencyGives a deep cleaning process that goes to the root of a carpet’s fibersKeeps carpets and floors dirt and dust-free
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What are the differences between the steam cleaner and the vacuum cleaner? How do they compare?


Vacuum cleaners are used in many households every other day. They make cleaning your house all the easier. With a lightweight one, you can easily maneuver it to reach all areas. A steam cleaner, on the flip side, is not too common in houses. Most people prefer to rent it from an authorized dealer for deep cleaning. A steam cleaner can be used for high traffic areas as well as on stubborn stains that simply will not go away.

For a corded vacuum to start working, you simply have it plug it in a power outlet. While for a cordless one you just have to make sure the battery is well charged and begin to use it.

For the steam cleaner though, the setting up process is quite detailed. Closely follow the manual so that you do not end up hurting yourself.


Both steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner are the appliances you need to make sure your home is always clean. Regular vacuuming is often encouraged at least thrice a week.

However, you might find yourself needing something more when you come across tough stains. This is where a steam cleaner comes in. Due to its design, a carpet steamer should be able to deal with the most stubborn dirt.


For premium high-end products, you might have to part with quite a bit of money for either of these cleaners. Nonetheless, there are still many budget options that will give you satisfactory results as well. If you can afford it, buy both. Even with a top-notch steam cleaner, you will still need a vacuum cleaner every once in a while.

Vacuum Cleaner- Review, Pros, and Cons

A vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that has become a favorite with many people. To remove debris that often gets stuck on carpets and other floor areas, you will not go wrong with a vacuum cleaner.

Go for one that has a proper suction power for efficiency. While vacuuming, make sure you are thorough and use an overlapping motion. By doing this, all the particles stuck on the bottom will be lifted and loosened up. Some of the debris that usually sticks to your carpet’s fiber is dirt, grime, dust, gravel, and hair. In fact, people lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair. The 1,000,000 skin cells we shed daily are also bound to find their way to your carpet.

To use a vacuum, all you need to do is make sure it is powered and brush over all areas in an overlapping manner. You do not have to use any lubricant like water with it.


  • There are many budget options that are long-lasting
  • Quick and easy to use for proper cleaning


  • Cannot remove tough stains

Steam Cleaner- Review, Pros, and Cons

Fairly new in the market, steam cleaners are appliances that use steam (obviously) or hot water to clean your floors and carpet.

To put it to use, fill it with water and let it charge for however long as stated in the manual. Next, pass the steam cleaner over your carpet and all areas you need to be cleaned. Regarding how it works, the brushes and hot air are the most important parts. First, the brush on the steam cleaner work by lifting the fibers on your carpet then the steam loosens the grime. With repetitive passing over all areas, you can be assured of spotless clean results.

This cleaner, therefore, works by spreading steam on the carpet. The high temperature is sure to break apart even the most stubborn stains. Bugs like dust mites also have no chance of surviving the heat.

For older models, you might need to keep adding hot water to the cleaner. Newer versions come with their own water heater such that all you need to do is keeping adding water. This is highly efficient and makes steam cleaners easy to use.


  • Does a deep clean of the roots of your carpet fibers
  • Dries quickly making it good for use in hospitals, salons, restaurants, and industries as well


  • Using it is a time-consuming process
  • Not exactly easy to use because it is heavy and bulky


While a steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner are two different appliances, they work well together. For example, before you steam your carpet you can vacuum it first so as to remove any particles that are easy to get rid of. After steaming and the carpet dries out completely, you can vacuum it one more time to remove any residue.

Therefore, choosing between a steam cleaner and a vacuum can be a daunting task. This article has tried to make that easier by presenting you with all you need to know about these products. Both vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner are important for every household. Consider vacuuming often and using a steam cleaner at least once every few months.

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