Bissell multi reach cordless review

Bissell multi reach cordless review

If you are looking for a cordless choice of vacuum that can clean your bare floors with ease, the Bissell multi reach vacuum is the best pick for you.

It is among the lightest vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors that we have tried, so this makes it a much more comfortable option to use when you are performing extended stretches of cleaning, compared to many cordless choices.


What to expect

Bissell is among the oldest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and counts itself as one of the trailblazers in the industry.

Their vacuum cleaners have become a widespread staple of many homes today due to that reason, and their cleaning equipment extends to other things as well – including carpet sweepers, carpet cleaners, steam mops, and so on.

Aside from being among the lightweight options, the major aspect that makes the cleaner stand out is its suction power.

In fact, it is quite difficult to find cordless vacuums having a good rating of their suction ability since this aspect tends to be much smaller – and there are few models that outlast this particular one on that front.

In addition, it can be challenging finding a vacuum that is both cordless and handles hardwood floors and tiling quite well, but this has an advantage on both fronts.

Basically, if you are in need of a versatile cleaner, or have a small home, then this vacuum cleaner can work well for your space.

Key features

Bissell multi reach cordless review

1) Brush roll and suction power

At the handle of the vacuum, you will find a motor that controls the suction power of the machine. It is powerful enough to create a suction that rotates the brush and allows it to clean quickly and deeply.

In addition, the brush roll is motorized, so it can do a good job when you want to comb through the often hard-to-clean fibers of rugs and carpets.

It can be challenging to switch the brush roll to clean different floor surfaces, but the good thing is that it works just as good on bare floors. The suction will allow it to deal effectively with hairs as well, whether pet or human hair.


Among the best aspects of it is its easy transformation from a handheld vacuum to a cordless one, which means you can easily do various types of cleaning.

All you need to do here is change the accessories, and you can clean more than simply floors. If you want to clean your furniture or ceiling, for instance, there is a suction tool for that purpose.

Other than that, you can also clean things within your reaches, such as cleaning out dust from electrical appliances and tables, your car dashboard, upholstery, and drapes. The only thing limiting you, in this case, is your choice.

3) Cleans using a variety of multi-floor modes

Thanks to the bristles on the brush, it can penetrate deeply into carpets in order to eliminate allergens and embedded dirt. It can also clean hard floors quite well, especially in the crevices between the tiles.

You will not need to worry much about scratching issues on the floor, as the brush roll is delicate enough to prevent any damage to it.

4) Battery

The vacuum cleaner uses a Lithium-ion battery type, which will give it a fade-free power of 22 volts. Thanks to this, it will allow you to thoroughly clean all your intended surfaces throughout its running time of 20 minutes.

In addition, the power the battery uses is steady over the course of its run, so the suction ability will not go down throughout its use.

The charging time is 4½ hours, which can be a disadvantage if you are cleaning a very large space but can work if your space is small or compact.

5) Different accessories

This vacuum cleaner and all its accessories can easily ‘reach’ the height of different areas in order to clean dirt, depending on your needs.

If you are cleaning almost any surface, the soft brush and its bristles can remove dirt from it. However, if you want to reach high and clean higher areas like your ceiling, you can attach it to the wand and use it in handheld mode.

Another instance would be using the upholstery tool when you want to clean the mess and dirt from your sofa or chairs, as well as carpeted stairs.

6) User-friendliness

As we mentioned earlier, this is among the most lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners in the market – as it only weighs 5 lbs. This is great because it will allow you to use it for some time without making you tired.

It is quite easy to change it to a handheld vacuum as well, making it quite a versatile piece of equipment. The only issue we have with it is the dust cup, which is quite difficult to empty.

It is also hard to remove because of the lack of an eject button, in contrast to many other cordless vacuums. Instead, you have to pull out the dust cup, and the cup itself does not release all the contents, depending on what you were vacuuming.

One major problem with the model, when it comes to storage, is the top-heavy design. While this is quite popular for handheld vacuums, it makes it challenging to store or even position in a standing position, as it is likely to tip over.

bisell multi reach
  • Picks up solid debris quite easily, such as pet hair
  • Has a range of useful extra tools such as the crevice tool, extension wand, and deep cleaning
  • LED lights in its front to illuminate cleaning areas
  • Easy charging due to removable battery
  • Cordless, so it’s easy to move around
  • Dirt cup is easy to empty
  • Long battery life
  • It is quite challenging to remove the dust cup
  • It can be quite loud
  • The top-heavy design makes it challenging to store


This is not the optimum pick if you are looking for units with powerful cleaning mechanisms. However, it is decent enough to clear a multitude of messy situations and quite comfortable to use thanks to the lightweight design.

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