Dyson V8 Absolute reviews

Dyson V8 Absolute reviews
Dyson V8 Absolute reviews

If you have been searching up the best vacuum cleaners, we are pretty sure you have heard of Dyson before. It is among the most popular brands in the industry, and has plenty of impressive products, which include stick vacuum cleaners – and the Dyson V8 happens to fall under this category.

Its price can scare many potential buyers off – but even with that in mind, it is important to know whether it is indeed worth the cost. Read on for our take on this product to see whether it fits your needs or not.


This vacuum cleaner is the best option for people that have combined floors in their homes, as it comes with a soft roller and motorized cleaner head that is suitable for all floor types. It is also great if you are looking for an easy-to-use appliance – but, avoid it if you want long-life cleaning equipment or want to clean out large debris.

What to expect

It is quite unsurprising to find that the V8 is a great choice, as it is considered an improvement from the V6 – in fact, they can be considered twins when you look at them at first glance.

It is great enough to help you deal with many situations, but it has the disadvantage of not being enough for a deep house clean due to the lack of strong suction power and long battery life.

Key features


The use of the stick design means that this is a model that is quite easy to use, as well as being lightweight and compact. In fact, the model is highly popular in the market, thanks to the advantages of maneuverability and sustainability in its design. Overall, this is a very easy model to use, as well as storing, even when you are done with your cleaning.

The controls are all within your reach so that it also allows you to use it without having to bend much – in contrast to many cleaners. The handle has an ergonomic design as well so that your grip is comfortable throughout its use.


The total measurements of the cleaner are 9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches, while the weight is at 4.5 pounds. This makes it quite easy to use for your everyday cleaning, unlike the old-school models that are quite bulky and difficult to store.

In addition, it has a handheld version, which is quite small in size as it does not have the extension wand. Every attachment that comes with it is small as well, in order to complete the design.


The suction power that it offers is continuous, so you will not need to struggle with lessening power even when the battery power is about to end. The battery life is 20 minutes though, and it has two cleaning modes – regular and max.

The suction power in max mode is 100AW, with the regular mode having slightly less. If the suction power is weakening though, it is likely due to issues with clogging, although this is not difficult to cleanout.

Extra accessories

Compared to other vacuum cleaners from Dyson, the V8 does not have as many attachments. The most important one might be the motorized cleaning head, which works for both carpets and bare floors. For carpet cleaning, you have stiff nylon bristles, and for bare floors, you get a soft roller with filaments made from carbon fiber.

Aside from that, the combination tool is the other accessory. You can use it when you want to clean various smaller surfaces or tools, as well as crevices – including under or around furniture, staircases, and so on.


This cleaner does not have swivel steering, but that does not mean it is hard to use. In fact, the model is quite easy to use around the home, and it will not have problems with allowing you to work around your furniture or other home obstacles.

In addition, the design is quite slim and compact, so you can use it to reach harder areas, such as under your bed or sofa.


It is important to ensure that the cleaner is suitable for your type of floor. The general guidelines to observe are:

  • Carpets – use of the motorized cleaner head will perform much of the cleaning work, and the stiff bristles made from nylon will remove any dirt. Keep in mind that it will tend to perform better on a thinner carpet and area rugs, though it should not be too much of an issue cleaning the thicker rugs, as long as you maintain them well.
  • Hardwood – when you are cleaning bare floors and hardwood, you turn off the motorized head, as the last thing you want is damaging them with the nylon bristles. Instead, you use the brush with carbon fiber filaments, since these are soft enough to clean the floor with ease without damaging it.
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Noise levels

The noise levels that it produces are the standard you would expect from a vacuum cleaner, though it is not too loud to disturb your neighbors or the household.

Warranty period

The cleaner has a limited warranty of two years and covers any original defects in the structure of the cleaner and the materials used. However, this warranty does not cover careless operations, accidental incidences, commercial use, repair by unauthorized agents or parties, and the usual wear and tear that happens when you use the machine.

  • Has improved battery life
  • Very good suction, particularly in its max mode
  • Comes with a wide range of useful attachments
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Pricey
  • Max mode lasts only for about 10 minutes
  • Does not have a protective casing to store attachments


The advantages that come with this vacuum cleaner model are numerous, and it is powerful enough to act as a worthwhile replacement for the usual corded cleaner in many cleaning tasks.

While subsequent models have surpassed its power, it is still quite impressive in its operations and can work very well when you use it alongside a powered vacuum cleaner.

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