Kenmore 600 series vacuum stopped working- how to fix

When your beloved Kenmore 600 series vacuum just stops working, there are a few things that could have gone wrong. You do not have to go to the manufacturer for a replacement as some of these issues are easy to solve at home.

All you need is a toolbox and a bit of skill.The main reason why a Kenmore 600 vacuum can shut down is because of blockages, electrical issues. Here is how to fix that

Solution 1- Electrical issues

Kenmore 600 series are powerful vacuums. If it just stopped working, first check through the electrical system.

To begin with, try vacuuming using another socket or another power outlet. For the new outlet, make sure it is working by testing a small appliance like an iron box on it. If you are sure you can get stable power there, try to see if the vacuum cleaner will work there.

Secondly, a bad power cord might be the reason a Kenmore 600 series does not work. To fix this, you can easily replace the cord. A damaged one is not much use to you.

A failed motor can also get in the way. For instance, a damaged suction motor will not power on even when activated.

Broken wires too can prevent a Kenmore 600 series vacuum from starting up. Wires in the vacuum hose that are broken can particularly stop the vacuum from turning on. To fix this, check if any of the integrated wires on the hose are damaged.

Any tear no matter how minor can prevent the free flow of power through the vacuum cleaner. You can easily tell there is something up with the wires on the hose if the vacuum does not make any noise at all when started up. Read Here: How to Replace Vacuum Belt Bissell

Solution 2- Air filter

Kenmore 600 series vacuum stopped working

First, check on your air filter. The air filter is what traps particles as air powers through the vacuum cleaner. Usually, a Kenmore 600 series has amazing suction power partly because of this air filter. When you begin to have low suction you ought to check if the filter is clogged limiting the air passing through.

To fix the air filter if it is clogged, closely follow the product’s manual for cleaning instructions. Ordinarily, running it throw lukewarm water with gentle scrubbing should be enough.

Finally, leave it to air dry then try the vacuum again. If it still does not work, there could be blockages in other parts.

Solution 3- Full vacuum bin

The second step is to empty the vacuum bag. If the bag is full, your vacuum will not be able to start up. Sometimes it might also perceive the bag to be full even when it is not.

To be sure it is not an issue with the vacuum bag; you can either clean it or replace it. For proper cleaning, check no dirt is lodged in the bottom part. You can hung it upside and down and wipe it properly to remove all dirt.

A flathead blunt object can also come in handy to dislodge anything that might have stuck to the bag.

Solution 4- Exhaust filter

Along with the air filter, have a look at the exhaust filter. This filter also traps particles as air passes through the vacuum cleaner. If it gets clogged, you will not get proper suction and the vacuum might end up not working anymore.

To fix this, follow the instructions on the manual closely to avoid any mishaps. Generally, using lukewarm water should do the trick.

Solution 5- Vacuum hose

If your Kenmore 600 series vacuum stops working, it could be because of a hose that is blocked. To check on whether the hose is the trouble area, remove it completely from the handle.

Then shine a flashlight on one end and see if the beam is visible from the other side. Alternatively, you can throw in a large enough coin and see if it easily passes through. If this does not happen easily it could be a sign that the vacuum hose is clogged.

To fix this, all you need to do is pass a broom handle through the hose making sure you touch everywhere. By doing this you will be able to push any obstructions.

Solution 6- Blower wheel

If there are no blockages or apparent electric faults, the problem might be with the blower wheel. To fix this, check the wheel for any obstructions that might hinder it from turning freely.

If there are none, the issue might be with the blower motor. To fix this, you can visit an authorized repair shop that has expertise with vacuum cleaners.

Solution 7- Replace the swivel

If you have tried out all the solutions above to no success, there might be chances that the vacuum cleaner needs a swivel replacement.

If wires are broken in all kinds of places and the swivel connecter is broken as well, your Kenmore 600 series will not start. Fortunately, there are many quality replacement parts that can fit the bill.

Step 8- Fix your handle

If your Kenmore 600 series still does not work, you might need to disassemble the handle. To do this, release the top plate by unscrewing a few nuts. Start with the rear end of the handle.

Once the plate is open, check if the handle is due for any kind of service. If you cannot see any issues, try and fix back the parts neatly.


If your Kenmore 600 series vacuum stops working, it could either be due to blockages in the filters, hose and bag. A blower wheel that is also not turning properly could be another issue.

This guide has highlighted all the ways to diagnose and fix your vacuum if it runs into this problem. In a nutshell, check the air and exhaust filters as well as the vacuum hose and bag.

If you have tried all these solutions and nothing is working, you might be due for a replacement of some parts or the whole cleaner itself. Remember Kenmore 600 series vacuum is a budget option that ultimately needs replacement of some parts after a while.

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