14 Easy Ways How to Unclog a Toilet

how to unclog a toilet

Worried about how to unclog a toilet effectively? Check out our most convenient and most effective methods of unclogging tips. A clogged toilet is an emergency problem that you need to fix in time. You should find out more than one solution to remove the blockage in the pipe.

Before you go for a plumber to pay unplanned expenses, you should try this on your own. Sometimes in holidays, you can not get a plumber, or the plumber takes time to come to fix.  There is no time for you to waste money on a plumber if you know these lists of useful hacks to unclog your toilet and flush out the dirt. Here are 14 ways on how to unclog a toilet  

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How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Pro

how to unclog a toilet

1) The Hold-Flush Technique

If you are wondering about how to unclog a toilet? That is the most straightforward technique of all unclogging tips. Sometimes clogs can occur if the toilet flush is weak. If you only turn the flush knob halfway, then the waster might not go entirely. However, it can cause blockage in the pipe.

If you notice the water is risen slightly higher than expected, turn the knob entirely and flush again. When the pressure is put in that way, the full power of the water may get things moving. If you have a dual flush system toilet, then flush with that button that releases more water pressure and hold it down. Read More: 10 BEST VACUUM FOR HARDWOOD FLOORS AND CARPET

2) Flush with A Bucket of Water

This method can be useful or damaging in your unclogging efforts. That’s because if this method does not work, then you will be filling your toilet with the brim; if it does like this, then it will force the blockage through the pipe. 

toilet bowl with the bucket full of water. Raise it high and pour it into the toilet bowl. Flush it with minimal speed to create a pressure of water that is needed to displace the blockage. If you see that the water level is rising, then stop it and try other methods.  

3) Use A Cloth Hanger

Cloth hanger is an old school technique, but it can be beneficial for blockage close to the toilet space.  Get a wire hanger and cover that with a cloth or duct tape to prevent the toilet bowl from scratches. After that, gently push down the hanger into the bowl and shake it around to push the blockage down. Then you can flush and check if you can feel anything that is hitting the wire. If you can not feel anything, then it is clear.  

4) Toilet Auger

Plumbers mostly use a toilet auger and if you have any of this with you, then use it. However, if your toilet gets clogged often then you should use a toilet auger because it works better than a plunger. 

It is just like a snake that can go in the blockage space without damaging the bowl and remove the clog. It is flexible and allows you to adjust to bends off the toilet bowls without damaging your toilet. You can pull out the blockage behind the bathroom if you think that will not go out. It is more like a practical and modern version of the hanger technique. 

5) Wield the Plunger

If you are searching forhow to unclog a toilet, then the plunger technique is one of the most popular methods people used to unclog a toilet. Standard cup type plungers will not work on toilets because they can not give a good seal on top of the drain hole. It is preferable to use a plunger with a flange as they are the best to unclog toilets. Also, flat plungers work best for drains and showers.  At first, wear a mask, goggles, and gloves to avoid the mess. 

  • If the toilet bowl is filled up with the brim, remove excess water with a small bowl or bucket.
  •  Gently place the plumber in the toilet bowl, lower it slowly and let the air from inside the plunger come out. Do not push forcefully, or else you will splash the dirt on you. 
  • Start to plunger back and forth; that way, the plunger should force down to unclog the pipe and push out the blockage. If you successfully are done with the plunger, you can see the water level of the toilet bowl is decreasing. 
  • Carefully pour a gallon of water to check that the level of water is decreasing. That will indicate to you that blockage has gone. If the water level is not diminishing, then repeat the process once more.   

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6) Vinegar and Baking Soda

Dealing with a clogged toilet is something messy, and might want to do a more easygoing technique instead of getting involved with the mess of your bathroom. This method is one of the effective ones if you are searching for how to unclog a toilet. 

It is time to use elementary school science to clean up your toilet. If your toilet bowl is already filled up with the brim, then you should empty some water, or else you need to be prepared for a little overflow. All you need to do is pour a mixture of one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda. Insert the solution into the clogged toilet to drain out the clog. When the vinegar and baking soda solution mix together, they react like a natural chemical reaction to bubble up and let out the clog.  

It is recommended to leave it at least 2 to 3 hours in the toilet before your flush. You can pour some hot water to drain the clog. If it does not work, then repeat the procedure one more time. Read Here: KIRBY VS. RAINBOW – WHICH IS THE BETTER OPTION?

7) Warm Water and Dish-Washing Soap

It is another useful technique for people that are searching for how to unclog a toilet. All you require to have is a bucket of warm water and a dishwashing detergent to fulfill this method. 

  • First, you need to manually remove some water from the toilet bowl to make the space for adding a gallon of liquid. We suggest using a small bowl or bucket to scoop out the excess water to give the process some space. 
  • Then lubricate the toilet bowl with some dish wash detergent, shampoo, or a few silver soap bars. Then heat a gallon of warm water but avoid making it too hot, or it will break the toilet bowl. A drinkable tea temperature is a right heat for this process. 
  • Pour the warm water into the bowl and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Then try flushing out the toilet.
  • If it is done, then you are all set, but if this method fails and overflows. Then immediately turn off the valve behind the toilet. Start the process again, or you can go to other methods. 

8) Using A Plastic Bottle

You may think this technique is too messy; however, it may be useful for your toiled clogged situation. At first, you need to turn off the flapper. You need to wear gloves, an apron, and a mask to avoid getting yourself from dirt. Use a bowl or bucket to take out excess water from the toilet bowl. Pour warm water into the bottle and press it with your thumb.   

Take the bottle down to your toilet bowl and remove your thumb and press the bottle. This force of warm water from the bottle can hopefully unclog the toilet. 

9) Epsom Salts

If you are in your friends or family house and a clog occurs at that moment, you might not want to let them know that what happened at least was not right that way. For that, you might not have that much time to work on other methods. Instead, think about how to unclog a toilet quickly in time. Take a look around if you find any Epsom salts or bathroom bomb in the bathroom. Most of the bathroom has this in their bathroom. If you find them, then it is worth trying this out. 

To tackle the issue of a clogged toilet, drop some Epsom salt or bath bomb in the toilet bowl. That helps to drain the clog out that is stuck on the pipe. Leave it for a few minutes and then flush. This method is quick and reliable. You should get it for yourself if you do not have one.  

10) Toilet Brush

If you do not have any wire hangers, you can use a toilet brush because they are affordable, and you can sacrifice one. This technique will work when the clog is stuck near the waste trap. However, force the brush into the pipe hole and move it back and forth with continuous forceful pushes. 

Do not use too much force that can cause damage to your toilet. It is gross, so you might want to get dressed up. Wear gloves, goggles, and an apron to do this. Once you are done with this, get rid of that brush and a new one. 

11) Squirt Gun Drainer

That is especially helpful for you if you are looking for suggestions to drain the toilet bowl water. It takes a long time with a sponge to do, but this automatic gun tool can save you from soaking and squeezing stress. After you have clear out the water from the toilet bowl, unclogging becomes a lot easier. You can try other tips to get a higher chance of success in unclogging. 

12) Strong Chemicals

You can use strong chemicals that contain neutralizing properties that can dissolve the waste. Before you use any chemicals, check the instruction and details properly or ask someone who knows about them so that you do not damage your toilet pipes.  

13) Using A Wet or Dry Vacuum

This method is not standard, but it is quite useful. Get your vacuum cleaner ready. Fix the nozzle that will go inside of the toilet bowl. It would be best if you always be sure to make the nozzle tightly secure with the vacuum cleaner so that it can not leak into the toilet. Once it is done, you can start to suck out the clog with the vacuum. All blockage might not be caught in the vacuum, but you can flush out the rest effectively after that. Read Here: DYSON V8 VS V10: WHICH ONE SHOULD YOU BUY?

14) Call A Plumber

Not all of us want to do DIY activities to make things right. If this is you that you do not want to mess up with your clogged toilet, then hire a plumber. Hiring a plumber can be expensive to fix your unclogged toilet.  

We know that you are probably looking for methods on how to unclog a toilet because you do not want to call a plumber. But if any of these methods do not work on your toilet, do not hesitate to call a plumber. Also, we suggest you call a plumber if you have a different type of bathroom, such as up flush toilets. 

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How to Avoid Clogged Toilets?

how to unclog a toilet

If you are searching for how to unclog a toilet, then it is better you should know about how you can avoid making your toilet clogged in the first place.  For that, you should teach your children that the bathroom is not their swimming pool or water wide. The majority of clogged toilets happen because there are toys and other kid’s items flushed down into the toilet. Also, you do not need to use the entire roll of paper to clean up. Too much paper roll can also make your toilet clogged up.    

It is essential to make sure that the jets throughout the toilet bowl’s edge are neat and clean. Because if the jets are blocked up, it will prevent the toilet flushing system at full power that will stop you from clearing out the toilet and its contents. It would be best if you cleaned up your toilet at least weekly with a brush to prevent the build-up. If you do not clean your bathrooms in a while, that will probably make a considerable build-up. You can use a wrench or screwdriver to clean out the clutter. 

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