Shark rocket reviews

Shark rocket reviews

You have probably heard of Shark Rocket vacuum cleaners in your search for a good vacuum cleaner in general – but are probably wondering if it is worth the investment.

Choosing one of the many cleaners on the market can be quite a challenge, especially if you are not sure what to pick – fortunately, we have done most of the work for you in this review, and you will hopefully make a wise decision when purchasing.


The company claims to be the most recommended brand that deals with making vacuum cleaners in the U.S. their name is Euro Pro, LLC, which is a company that deals with housewares and is based in Newton. MA.

However big they might be, there is a major issue here – the company does not have accreditation from the BBB, making their models quite suspicious when it comes to various factors.

The description of Shark when it comes to their Rocket series of vacuum cleaners is that they have revolutionized the cleaning process, thanks to the portability of the model.

The major claim here is that it is a better option than those from their main rival in the market, Dyson (which you have probably also heard of in your search for a vacuum cleaner), as their models clean better, are much lighter, and easier to use.

What to expect

The model itself is a handheld vacuum cleaner, which uses 500 watts of power. The claim behind the design of the Rocket is the ‘elimination of unnecessary features’, which results in a small unit.

Alongside the smaller design, the dust cup and motor are within the machine, and you also have an operating switch and ergonomic handle for easier use.

You can attach a variety of hoses to the base of the cleaner. However, in its upright mode, the body of the machine is the cleaning wand (a plastic tube that is long and thin), while the rolling base is a unit that contains the motorized brush roll.

Key features


The outlook of the vacuum cleaner is that of a corded, lightweight, handheld cleaner. The handheld potion weighs 4.2 lbs., and includes various parts such as the power cord, primary motor, and the bin.

All the attachments will add some weight to the cleaner, but that does not make the cleaner very heavy or difficult to use – even with the extension tube and floor nozzle attached.

Regarding the primary performance of the machine when it has all the attachments, the nozzle is 3 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. The profile is low enough, and the cleaner can reline completely, which makes it easy to use it to clean under your furniture.

The cord is the main problem here and makes using it to be a nuisance, but that should not present much of an issue unless you are used to using a cordless cleaner.

Cleaning mode

There are two cleaning modes with this machine – Mode I, which you use in delicate rugs or bare floors, and Mode II, which you use on carpets. In the Mode II mechanism, it activates a brush roll that helps in easier cleaning, located in the floor nozzle.


If there is one thing that this cleaner might be good at, it is picking up debris and some pet hairs, much more than other similar models. The power of its suction can be attributed to its power source, as it uses 500 watts of power – so it will have significant advantages over a cordless model.

Unlike most vacuum cleaners though, the cup has a design that promotes consistent suction power, even if the bin is reaching full capacity, and this remains steady throughout the entire cleaning cycle.

However, the cleaner has some issues with picking up fine human hair. Even though it might do a reasonable job, you need to be prepared for the task of cleaning the brushes for quite long periods. If this is a major deal breaker for you, it is better to go for a lightweight cleaner.


The filter in use for the model is removable and washable, which makes it easy to maintain. However, it is not HEPA rated, so the manufacturer recommends that you replace or wash the bottom filter annually, as well as washing the top filter every month.

Changing the filters is quite easy, as you only need to push a button on the head of the cleaner, instead of dismantling the entire cleaner. It is important to note though, that having a spare set of filters can prove very useful when you need to take out the ones you are using while cleaning.


The cleaner has a transparent bin up at the cleaner’s head and can hold up to 0.22 gallons (0.83 liters) of debris and dust. Since the bin is comprised of transparent plastic, you can easily monitor whether the container is almost full or not.

In many instances, you can vacuum an entire house with four or five rooms without emptying the bin. The only exceptions are when you are performing a deep clean, or have a lot of debris or pet hair – in this case, you should take all the dirt to your trash bin for disposal.

Shark rocket reviews
  • Has a wide range of add-ons and tools
  • Low profile nozzle, allowing you to clean under furniture
  • LED headlights that allow you to see areas of interest
  • Versatile
  • Performs well on both bare floors and carpets
  • Long power cord
  • Filters are washable and easy to maintain
  • Some of the tools fail to ‘click’ into the handheld unit or the wand, instead of using a ‘friction fit’ system
  • It cannot rest while in an upright position
  • Lacks HEPA grade filters
  • The handheld vacuum component is quite bulky
  • Has an obstruction in the dust canister that causes occasional clogging by trapping debris


Many people seem to enjoy using this vacuum cleaner, but many complain about its suction power as well. This will not be much of an issue though if your home has light traffic or you do not own pets, but it will not be suitable if these conditions are present.

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