When is an appropriate time to vacuum an apartment?


Is it ever too early to start vacuuming? Here is all you need to consider before vacuuming your apartment. When is it too late to vacuum in your apartment? Are there sacred hours during which you should dare not vacuum?

When you live with neighbors, it often goes a long way to be considerate. Deciding to crank up your vacuum cleaner at 2 am might not be too kind if you know most of them asleep. Some might get really pissed off if they were woken up by your vacuum cleaner.

Knowing the appropriate time to vacuum an apartment can be quite tricky. You have to consider your cleaning schedule as well as those around you. It is usually a dilemma trying to balance that.

For example, what if you are off to an early shift and you just have to clean your place before you go. Can you vacuum clean? Waiting until 10am when most of them are awake is impossible but you also do not want to be the annoying neighbor.

First, there is no broad rule as to when one can vacuum an apartment. Maybe there should be, but there isn’t. However, some apartment landlords have gone ahead to set out on the lease when you can do certain things.

Therefore, to know when it is appropriate to vacuum; check if there are any clauses about that in your lease. Read here: How often should you vacuum your carpet?

Apartment Rules

When is an appropriate time to vacuum an apartment

To create some sort of fairness, these apartment complexes have their own noise ordinances. For instance, if your washing machine or vacuum cleaner makes quite a racket, you might not get away with washing all your laundry when everyone is asleep.

Most apartments usually forbid against such between 11PM-7AM. For some the curfew might start a bit earlier, others later. It is all in the fine print depending on the apartment’s preferences.

If your contract has such a clause, then you simply have to plan your cleaning routine around it. It might mean a whole load of appliances going on at the same time.

While these set out times might sound like a relief to some, it has its own drawbacks. First, depending on your landlord, you might find your lease that does not coincide with your schedule.

The clause on set times to do certain things might just not be manouvreable considering the shifts you work whatnot.

For those with such noise ordinances, you cannot just go on a whim and vacuum whenever you want. You will be forced to vacuum within the specific period stated. If you work the graveyard shift, you might find yourself conflicted on when to vacuum.

Also, the whole point of having your own apartment is so that you can do things your own way. No one wants to be told to do what the time always. Vacuuming for a few minutes does not really hurt either.

If your apartment does not have set rules on when to vacuum, what then is the appropriate time to do so?

Usually, vacuuming anytime between 8AM and 11PM should not cause too much trouble. This largely depends on your neighbors and other general rules in your apartment complex.

You should particularly consider the person living underneath you as they are bound to be the most irritated in case of any slip ups.

If you know everyone sleeps in, you might want to hold on vacuuming until about 9AM which is good enough. Other times, you might have a neighbor who gets to bed during the day so that they can work at night.

In such cases, you might want to avoid roaring on with your vacuum during those times of the day they are trying to sleep. You can hold off vacuuming during your normal day period if you are certain that someone is resting up for an overnight shift.

If you also know no one is too sensitive about noise, you need not worry too much about when you are vacuuming. Sometimes you might think something is a huge deal when really everyone is just on about their days.

Also, the apartment rules stated above can help you gauge when it is okay to vacuum your apartment. These set times are often chosen after careful consideration of all possible factors.

If most noise ordinances cover the period between 8AM and 11PM, you should stick around that to be on the safe side.

While all these factor in, it all raises the question: what then if your shift is way different from everyone else? What if you just have to vacuum at 5 in the morning because of errands you have to run?

First, consider buying a near-silent vacuum cleaner. An example is Grandi Groom AB24 that is not too loud while in use. Also go for a small enough vacuum cleaner that will not cause up a racket so as to give you proper suction power.

You can also go a step further and buy a vacuum silencer. It is really important to be considerate to your neighbors.

To add, come up with a cleaning routine. Once your neighbors have understood the flow, you will have less chances of annoying them with your vacuuming.

Make sure you take your time cleaning by moving the cleaner across all the rooms carefully. You do not need to rush through your vacuuming only to have to repeat it.


Vacuuming your apartment every so often is highly recommended, especially if you have a carpet. The more you clean and keep your area fresh, the less your chances of having bugs around. Regular vacuuming is also necessary for households with sensitive people to allergens.

Knowing when to vacuum is therefore important. To know when the appropriate time is, check your lease for any set time. If there isn’t any, anywhere between 9AM and 9PM should be good enough.

Depending on your neighbors, vacuuming before 11PM and after 8AM should not be an issue either. It is all a gamble really. Just do not go for the odd hours when you know practically everyone is asleep. That might earn you quite a reputation.

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