Best Indoor Water Fountains- A Guide To Choose The Right One

Best Indoor Water Fountains

Are you looking for classic home décor to beautify your room? It would be thrilling to think that this home décor would also give you a refreshed feeling.

Invest in an attractive and elegantly designed indoor water fountain. You would get both aesthetic value and positive sensations from it. Adding a water feature to your room is the best decision to transform the overall ambiance. Now, you may place these indoor fountains in your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Best Indoor Water Fountains

They also fit the interior setup of commercial facilities, including offices and restaurants. You can find indoor water fountains of various designs. We have picked the best ones for you to make your purchase much easy.

Alpine Corporation 4-Tier Rock Water Fountain

If you are looking for an awesome water fountain with minimalistic design, this is the right choice for you. The 4-tier rock structure has added an appeal to the overall piece. You may place it in your porch, deck, patio, garden and any indoor site there is a pump, integrated into the structure. The pump helps to keep up the continuous flow of water.

You have to plug the system into your electrical outlet, and it will start working. The manufacturers have designed it with grey stones in a way that it looks like a tower. Made of fiberglass, this fountain has a very sturdy design.

The combination of small rock-like pieces and the sounds of the water create a realistic look. Besides, the in-built LED lights have added the level of beauty to the rock water fountain.


  • Usable as an indoor and outdoor water fountain
  • Water-resistant elements, used for the design
  • The lighted waterfall makes the design attractive in dark space


  • Rough handling can damage the system easily

HoMedics Silver Springs Indoor Relaxation Fountain

With an innovative and decorative look, this indoor fountain can cause a mild and tranquil effect on the space. It is a tabletop fountain, having a very compact design. You may also place it adjacent to your office desk, bathroom sink, or vanity.

The indoor fountain has a 3-tier design with a big basin at the base and natural stones. The water streams, flowing through these stones, turn out the relaxing sound. Inevitably, the fountain imitates the look of a realistic spring.

The Asian inspired indoor fountain has a unique design. What is more, the open styled basin with cascading waters creates a positive effect on the overall environment. The illuminated fountain emits a soft glow, and it works as a type of nightlight. During your yoga session or meditation, you may turn on this water fountain.

In addition to the fountain base, the package includes a pump, an adapter, a power cord, and a pump cover.


  • Eastern-styled beautiful design
  • Sleek look with black and silver color theme
  • Unique lighting
  • Convenient size


  • Pump causing noise issue to some users

Chillscreamni 5-Tier Relaxation Water Fountain

For your home and office décor, the Chillscreamni fountain with amazing water flow is the best choice. You can find the option of choosing any of the sizes- 8 inches, 23.6 inches, 22.8 inches, and 11.4 inches. What’s more, you can find it in a variety of colors, including black, bronze and dark grey.

The base of this fountain has a big bowl, and on top of it, there are four small bowls. The sculpted designs of these bowls create a charming look. At the edge of the big bowl, you can place a number of small stones. The flowing water from the top bowl has turned out a beautiful look.

The submersible pump works electronically. Furthermore, the system does not consume much energy for the overall mechanism.


  • Low voltage water fountain
  • Lightweight structure due to the use of resin
  • Easy to assemble
  • The package includes instruction for using the fountain
  • The illumination to the big bowl and the top creates a stunning look


  • Too much small

BBabe Desktop Waterfall Fountain 

Add serenity to your room with an elegant looking waterfall fountain. The bluish LED light is the major element to make this indoor fountain more distinguished. The waterfall, starting from the top of this fountain model, touches four different levels. This portable and lightweight fountain has a poly resin design. You can find the natural beauty of this waterfall fountain. 

The indoor fountain with reflective glow and gently flowing water creates a very soothing look. The electric pump has a quiet operation, and it is submersible. The base of the fountain has a big rectangular bowl, and you can fill it with pebbles. For any type of room décor, this indoor fountain works best. With 110v power supply, the pump can continue its operation consistently


  • Soft lights and sounds for the unique settings
  • Easy to move the fountain
  • LED lights, making the features more prominent


  • Rocks not included in the package

ImagiWonder Indoor Tabletop

Are you looking for the best indoor fountain for the rustic home décor? This beautifully designed model is the right option for your deal. The splashing water creates a wonderful sound for your commercial or residential interiors. 

The manufacturer has added creativity to the design. There are 4 LED lights, and they can alter their colors randomly. We think that it would best to turn it on in your darkroom. Moreover, the small, shinning crystal ball starts revolving with the flow of water. The height of the fountain is 10.5 inches. What makes this fountain unique is its triple waterfall. The overall design creates the look of a small, realistic garden. It includes yellow and red flowers, wooden fences, mushrooms, plants, and grass on rocks. 

The electric pump and wirings are at the backside of the system. Although the water sound is audible, it is of a medium level.


  • Presence of different colored lightings
  • Garden fountain design 
  • Sparkling water with audio and visual effect


  • Water sound has to be more audible

Alpine Corporation Pouring Tiers Tabletop Fountain

We have chosen another product from Alpine Corporation. Its look is different from other indoor water fountains. You can add a tranquil effect to your room. The water flow from this fountain imitates the sound of the real waterfall.

Instead of the standard LED lights, you can find candles with this tabletop fountain. The weathered pillars and river stones have together presented you with unique natural beauty. On the base part, there is a black basin. You may install this water fountain in your bedroom, office, living room and at any other place. 


  • Antique look, best for classic décor
  • The integrated candles create a romantic look
  • Handcrafted model, made of resin


  • Complaint against the fading colors

Guide to buy an indoor water fountain

We have reviewed the best indoor water fountains, used as your home décor items. You can find high-level workmanship in these fountains. However, now we are going to guide you on choosing the right indoor water fountain to get lasting value from it.

You can find the indoor fountain models in different designs:

Tabletop fountains

Available in various artistic designs and shapes, these fountains are portable. While you have limited space on your table, desk or countertop, you may choose these indoor fountains. They are the most low-priced options, and you can find them incorporated with the attractive features, LED lights and mini waterfalls. The overall model may be based on stacked stones, ceramic bowls or bamboo.

  • Floor fountains

They can cover a slight large space and have a freestanding design. They are much similar to that of the outdoor fountains.

  • Wall fountains

Designed with aluminum, copper wood and stones, these fountains have a flat back design. Make sure that you have space on the walls for mounting it.

Is there an issue with splashing water?

It creates a realistic look when water is flowing down the stones and splashing out of the basin. However, it can cause a mess to your floor. You need to check out the water level. Some models have pumps with a valve for water flow control. Find the tubes and pipes, attached to the system.

Pump and motor

The indoor fountains create a lovely look in your home interior. Simultaneously, its water feature also results in a soothing audio effect. However, it essential to ensure that the harsh motor noise is not interfering with the running water sound.

To maintain the performance, you have to ensure the right amount of water in the fountain. The shortage of water can cause burning issues to the pump.

Know about the fountain materials

As you are buying the indoor water fountains, they do not need to endure the effects of heat, wind, sun, and moisture. Thus, the manufacturers use copper, ceramic, metal and fiberglass for these fountain designs. They are lightweight and resemble the look of natural materials.

Now, you can buy one of the indoor water fountains, and enjoy the pleasing sound of running water. Moreover, the presence of a water fountain also retains the perfect level of moisture in your indoor air. Get the utmost value from purchasing these water fountains.

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