10 Best Bathroom Organizer And Storage Ideas

Best Bathroom Organizer

Who likes a cluttered, unkempt and disorderly bathroom? No one! Of course. Yet how many people do you know who have a very organized bathroom? I am sure you will say, very few. So why is that? One reason for clutter is that bathrooms are usually small.

Packing so much stuff in a limited space is a daunting task. There’s so much you have to pack in it. Sadly, one stray bottle of Metamucil, a lonely toothpaste cap, and a sticky soap dish is all it takes for your bathroom to appear cluttered and grungy. On solution to this predicament is: making more cabinets and storages.

However, you can’t even make a lot of cabinets; otherwise, the bathroom will look even smaller. Therefore you have to plan smartly. According to home décor experts, opting for shelves that take very little space and are minimally designed is a great solution. To help you with that, we bring you our ten best bathroom and storage ideas.

Guest Bathroom Makeover Ideas

After going through these organizer solutions, you will realize how much of a difference a few bits of smart storage can make. So whether you want a quick freestanding alternative or a space-saving built-in option, below, you will find ample ideas to get you inspired.  Read on!

Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver

We are starting our list with this 4 Tier metal bathroom shelf. Vertical storages are best because they don’t impede on your bath space. They are also within reach every time you need a washcloth or a towel.

Products with multiple parts are usually a nightmare. Not this one, though. Assembling it takes around 20-25 minutes. Taking help from someone is good, but you can combine its parts on your own too. If you are fixing it over the toilet seat, be sure to put the bottom bar after placing the assembled unit over the toilet.

  • Lots of available space
  • It can sit closest to the toilet seat
  • Its heavy-duty floor protectors fit nicely on the bottom of its poles
  • Can even work as a linen closet
  • Toilets with longer lids may have problems with it
  • The unit is a bit shaky. Make sure it is secure and well installed.
  • Not very durable
  • As this product has to be assembled, a small missing piece can render it unusable

Tangkula Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Do you want coffee on “the throne”? or in case you want extra counter space along with a shelf, Tangkula’s slim bathroom rolling cabinet may be your best shot.

It’s a cabinet with multiple drawers, cupboards, and baskets. You can place your magazines, newspapers, shampoos, toiletries, towels, and creams as you like.

It’s an optimal organizer and a huge space saver. What’s more, its portable and mobile design can help you move all over the house with ease.

  • The cabinet is equipped with four casters for ease of use
  • Rolling floor cabinet
  • Heavy so it won’t move while opening or closing the drawers
  • Easy to assemble – just put on the knobs and wheels
  • Its wood construction is a little fragile
  • You have to drill the holes for knobs and wheels
  • No instruction manual
  • Expensive

With its simplistic style and a brief appearance, Tangkula’s bathroom storage solution is the right product for any modern household.

Window Pocket Organizer

Storing baby items sometimes become a headache. You cannot store diapers, kid toys, baby lotions, rash creams, and other similar items in a cabinet. You need something more accessible.

Something small, yet handy and helpful – like this organizer. This is hanging storage over the wall. You can hang it on a standard door or some closet rod – no extra hardware needed. Its four large pockets have a clear window to help you see through the inside items.


  • Very inexpensive storage option
  • Big storage, small footprint
  • Clear view windows make it very easy to pick the right item – saving time.
  • Easy to assemble and hang
  • Hooks don’t fit all doors
  • Not very sturdy
  • Not for heavy items
  • Not for moist or damp items

Overall, this is a great product to keep all the baby chaos away. However, it can also be used for carrying other dry toiletries like shampoos.

DecoBros 2 Pack Wall Mount Towel rack

This multipurpose display holder is another wall mount space organizer. While people use it mostly to hang their towels, it can also be used to hold your wine bottle as you answer the call of nature.  Due to its heavy construction, call a helping hand for a quick, secure fix.


  • Elegant yet Heavy duty
  • Stable even after the items have been loaded in it
  • Durable construction – this item will keep your bathroom clutter-free for a very long time.
  • Can accommodate large fluffy towels
  • Hanging it up is a little tricky because of its weight
  • Minimal and limited space to squeeze towels
  • Can’t hold extra-large towels

For people who hate drilling holes in their walls, this can be a great alternative to cabinets. Moreover, you can also use it in other rooms to hang decoratives.

Adjustable Shower Caddy

Organize your shower space with simpleHuman’s adjustable shower caddy. It is neater, sleeker, and secure. Install it over the showerhead with the help of twin suction cups and a rubberized shower clamp.

Additionally, its shelves can be easily adjusted with the help of quick-adjust dial. So you can make ample room for the jumbo size shampoo and conditioner bottles. Furthermore, all shower accessories can easily fit in it thanks to a movable divider that keeps items from falling over.

  • Well thought out and versatile design
  • Horizontal and vertical self-adjustments are entirely tool-free – turn the knob, and you’re done.
  • Can be quickly assembled and disassembled
  • Minor rusting after some time
  • May not fit very modern showerheads

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

There’s one place in the bathroom that is often deemed to be occupied. We are talking about the toilet. UTex shows how you can efficiently utilize this space to declutter the bathroom. With the help of this over the toilet shelf, you can have extra space for storage.

Now, all the toiletries are always within your reach. It uses an open shelving design to ensure that you will need just one glance to check your supplies.

  • Space-saving bathroom organizer can fit over most toilets
  • Modern design – suitable for any décor scheme
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works great for tiny restroom
  • Even after tightening the screws, it remains a little shaky
  • Wood material may break during the nailing session

Famistar Electric Toothbrush Holder

Every toothbrush needs a toothbrush holder. Unfortunately, sometimes, toothbrush holders are so small you can barely fit three pieces in one stand.

Resultantly some toothbrushes (or toothpaste) are left stranded in the middle of nowhere, causing clutter. Not this toothbrush holder, though. Yay! No more sink puddle.

It has ample room for four toothbrushes and two toothpastes – enough for a family of four. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is stable, elegant, versatile as well as durable.


  • Offers a great way to keep toothbrushes/toothpastes of the entire family organized
  • You can even fit your electric toothbrush along with its charger
  • Very well engineered and useful
  • It may rust after some time so try to keep it as moisture-free as possible
  • Limited use – it’s only for toothpaste and toothbrushes

VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

Brighten up your bathroom with VASAGLE’s bathroom storage cabinet with two adjustable shelves. Its elegant high-quality white material adds an element of oomph to a pretty dull bathroom design.  Adjustable shelves can be fixed at three different height levels for your storage needs.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to put together
  • Extra storage for small bathrooms
  • The paint used for the cabinet has a pungent smell
  • Quality isn’t that great
  • If you have never put a cabinet together, you may need some assistance with it.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Every house has small, underutilized spaces. With the Cabidor deluxe bathroom and kitchen storage cabinet, you can utilize those spaces to remove clutter.

It can easily hold at least five standard medicine cabinets. What more can you want? Its instant organization allows for quick access. There’s no need to dig through layers upon layers of clutter to find your desired item.

  • Some hidden storage for not so hidden bathroom items
  • No drilling into the walls
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mirror glue is bad. It may cause the mirror to fall off
  • Check the entire package before mounting it on the wall.
  • Sometimes the item gets damaged during shipping.

Bathroom Shelves Wall Mounted

Whether you want to remove some clutter or read a book while relieving yourself, try our clear winner. This best bathroom organizer works due to its fantastic design, and usability is GWh’s multiple-layered wood shelf.

You can place it over the toilet or beside it. Even though this item ships along with detailed instructions, you may need some assistance with setting it up. Call a friend.

  • Beautiful, sturdy design with lots of extra space
  • Amazing quality
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Minor rusting after some time
  • Very heavy by itself

All in all, this exceptional product can be used in the bathroom as well as kitchen and laundry room to remove clutter by adding some extra storage.

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