How to Set Up a Shower Head Water Filter in Under 10 Minutes

how to install a shower head water filter

Are you thinking about how to install a shower head water filter in a few minutes? Check out our special guide about showerhead filters and simple steps to installation. It must be worrying you that those hard water minerals might ruin your hair and skin. A shower head filter can come in handy in this type of critical situation. You may think it’s the old shower head problem, and replacing them will be a solution. But it is not true because it’s mainly the water problem causing this issue. 

You can protect yourself from contaminants or harmful minerals by using a shower filter. It can produce clean water for you in time and contaminant free.  You can purchase a shower filter and set it up to get pure filtered water for bathing. These filters are successful in removing the contaminants chlorine, and other elements that usually exist in water.  Below, you will get to know about filters and the process of installation in your showerhead. Read Here: THE BEST KITCHEN FAUCETS – BUYER’S GUIDE AND REVIEWS

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Importance Of Shower Water Filter Systems to Skin and Hair

how to install a shower head water filter

A shower filter has many benefits to improve anyone’s skin and hair condition. Chlorine is a harmful thing in the water and if there is chlorine in hot water. Then the chlorine gas through hot water enters our body and contacts our nose, eyes, and skin. That can cause different types of symptoms like difficulty in breathing, skin irritation, wheezing, sore throat, cough, chest tightness, etc. 

We get valuable minerals from water, and these soluble minerals in tap water are harmless if you drink them. But when you wash with soap using this water, then the chemical reaction will happen and it will damage your skin and hair. Shower filters help us to keep away from these harmful contaminants, and benefit our skin and hair condition.  

Types of Shower Head Filters

Shower filters decrease the amount of chlorine, heavy metals, and harmful sediment that can be harmful to the skin. Washing your hair with chlorine water can give your hair a brittle texture and leave it dry and stiff. It can cause split ends to your hair. For blonde hair, it can make tinted green and cause dandruff for both family and pets. Chlorine removes protective oils from the skin and causes dryness and itchy scalps. 

If anyone in your family has sensitive skin, then to reduce skin irritation, buy a shower head with an integrated filter or a shower filter for your current one. Now before you set up a shower filter, you need to have knowledge about the different types of filters and which one will be best for your shower and your needs.  There are three main types of water filters you can find and can be installed in the showerhead. These showerheads can improve your skin and hair condition after a few showers. 

Carbon Filters

The granular activated carbon filter removes chlorine, bacteria, chloramine, heavy metals, rust, and other harmful contaminants. A simple carbon filter can save you from these harmful elements. But it is not effective in hot water and also can not reduce the amount of chloramine.  

So, if you need a cheap filter that you can use in cold showers more than hot showers, then a carbon filter is the right choice for you. 

Vitamin C Filters

Vitamin C filters can reduce 99.99% of chlorine and chloramines from shower water. These are are the most effective ones you can use to get rid of any type of contamination from water. It can create a good chemical reaction which fights through harmful contents and reduce the amount of it. With this filter, you can have softer and cleaner water, which is ideal for your hair and skin. 

KDF Filters

A KDF water filter uses a KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) process medium for filtration. It can remove 95 to 99% of chlorine from water and can control the build-up of microorganisms. It is an inexpensive option for someone who is looking to remove chlorine from water. But this filter is ineffective for chloramines, so be sure to use this if your area does not have any chloramine issues. Its installation is easy and can last more than a year if two people are using this.  

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Installation Process of A Shower Head Water Filter

how to install a shower head water filter

If you are interested in setting up a shower head water filter, then you need to gather some tools, and then you are all set. Make sure you buy the one that is the right type and meet your needs.  

Things you will need to have when you start installation: 

  • Plier
  • Filter
  • Teflon Tape

Follow our simple procedures to set up your shower head filter in a few minutes. 

Step 1: Detach the Showerhead

At first, you need to remove the showerhead from the shower arm with the help of pliers.  

It depends on what type of shower head you use. You may need to use a different tool to unfasten the screw of the showerhead. So, check the manufacturer manual for the screw size to determine the usage of it to secure the showerhead to the shower arm.

Step 2: Seal the Shower Pipe

Now put the tape all over the male threads of the shower pipe and be sure that the tape is properly fixed. Check that if there is any water leakage from the filter when it is attached to the shower pipe. 

Step 3: Set Up the Shower Filter

Place the shower filter on the pipe secured with the tape and use your hand to rotate in a clockwise direction to attach the filter. That way, it will help the filter to attach the pipe. If the filter comes with the screw, then put it in ¼ direction with the pliers.   

Step 4: Turn on the Water

Now put a bucket under your filter, then turn on the cold water. Let the water flush through the filter and you will see the water is discolored that’s because of carbon accumulation. It is normal so, be sure to let the water flow until all the discolored water is removed and become normal water out of the filter head again. 

Step 5: Flush until Water Flow Turns Clean and Clear

After that, slowly turn on the hot water to flush your filter until you see the clean water running. Then you need to shut off the running water and remove the bucket from the filter head. 

Step 6: Re-attach the Showerhead

Finally, attach the shower head on top of the shower filter. Use your hands to fix the shower head properly. Now your shower is all ready to use that will give you pure, clean, and chlorine-free water to protect your skin and hair. 

Can a Shower Filter Remove Chlorine and Chloramines?

The old traditional shower filters can not remove chloramines from water. Chloramines reduction requires significant time with the filtration media. The complete volume of water and the high flow prevent them from making any significant effect. To eliminate these chloramines properly the water needs to have a more powerful filter like a reverse osmosis system, an ultrafiltration unit, or exposed to catalytic carbon. 

The only shower filters that are capable of chlorine and chloramine reductions are named Vitamin C filters that use a tube of ascorbic acid to neutralize chloramine. The pure pharmaceutical grade vitamin C dissolves as the shower water flows throughout it. These Vitamin C filters can remove over 90% of chlorine and chloramines even in a limited time. That is a recent invention that can be beneficial for your skin and can help you to improve your skin and hair condition in a few showers. 

However, there are other filters like KDF filters and carbon filters. These filters are cheaper than Vitamin C filters. But the carbon filters do not work in hot water flow. The KDF filters are effective at removing chlorine and do not work on removing the chloramines from water so make sure you use that if your area does not have any chloramine issue. 

The lifespan of an ascorbic acid tube lifespan depends on how many chloramines are in your water and how often you shower. These filters are packed with clear housings so you can monitor the chloramine reducing ascorbic acid levels. 

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How long does a shower filter last?

how to install a shower head water filter

An average shower filter can last at least six months. However, it depends on the frequency of usage of it. Every showerhead filter comes with a specific capacity of water flow. 10,000 gallons of water can last 8 months to a year. If a family with four uses the same showerhead daily, then the shower filter will finish its capacity quickly.

The ideal way to check the shower filter’s performance is to keep your eye out for the telltale signs of chlorine crawl back into the shower experience. If a few months passed with your shower head, and you have started to feel like your hair loss started again, and the water is not feeling well. Then it’s time to change those shower filters. 

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