Shark UV540 Review

Shark UV540 review

It may sound like an easy task to buy a good vacuum cleaner, but it becomes complicated when you walk into a store and see thousands or hundreds of different models and brands on display, all promising you roughly the same things.

Some promise you great results from their use of technology upgrades, others have beautiful designs, some promise you powerful cleaning, and some come at a reasonable or expensive price – trying to figure out the best choice can easily leave you feeling frustrated.

Among the many options is the Shark UV540, which may have come up as a consideration. However, how can you tell whether it is the right choice for you, or whether you should leave it alone? Fortunately, we have done the work for you in this review, so read on to find out.


It is quite difficult trying to find a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power that can handle even the thickest of carpets – but this one can. You can always trust it to get deep into your floor and get rid of any dust particles, allergens or impurities, and even comes with a bare floor tool that has microfiber pads.

The vacuum comes in a simple design and stands out because of its performance – even though it lacks the extensive attachments you would get in similar models. Because the price is also budget-friendly, it is quite difficult to ignore the value of the money that it gives.

Shark UV540 review

What to expect

The manufacturer describes it as having an ‘intense carpet cleaning’, which means just that – you will rarely see traces of dirt left behind by the cleaner during its use.

The design of the UV540 is bag-less, which means that sorting out the dust particles after cleaning is not a difficult task, and allows your cleaning tasks to be easier on you. The design is also cordless, making it easy to move around in your home without strain.

Key features


The suction power that it offers is continuous, so you will not need to struggle with lessening power even when the battery power is about to end. The battery life is 20 minutes though, and it has two cleaning modes – regular and max.

The suction power in max mode is 270AW, with the regular mode having slightly less. If the suction power is weakening though, it is likely due to issues with clogging, although this is not difficult to clean out.

Even though this cleaner does not have a ton of accessories, it still has great suction and cleaning power. This is even more impressive when you consider the run time of 15 to 20 minutes compared with the shorter charging time of 3 hours, and it can clean a variety of messes with ease regardless of the floor surface you are dealing with.


This cleaner does not have swivel steering, but that does not mean it is hard to use. In fact, the model is quite easy to use around the home, and it will not have problems with allowing you to work around your furniture or other home obstacles.

In addition, the design is quite slim and compact, so you can use it to reach harder areas, such as under your bed or sofa.


The use of the stick design means that this is a model that is quite easy to use, as well as being lightweight and compact. In fact, the model is highly popular in the market, thanks to the advantages of maneuverability and sustainability in its design. Overall, this is a very easy model to use, as well as storing, even when you are done with your cleaning.

The controls are all within your reach, so that it also allows you to use it without having to bend much – in contrast to many cleaners. The handle has an ergonomic design as well, so that your grip is comfortable throughout its use.


Changing the filters is quite easy, as you only need to push a button on the head of the cleaner, instead of dismantling the entire cleaner. It is important to note though, that having a spare set of filters can prove very useful when you need to take out the ones you are using while cleaning.


The cleaner also has a bag-less design, which makes it quite easy to empty out when you are done. In addition, the dustbin is transparent, and this allows you to quickly know when you should throw your debris and dirt in the trash can. The bin capacity is quite small though, so it will be an issue if you are cleaning a very large house, as you will need to empty it constantly. It is much better if you live in a small apartment or home.

The only exceptions are when you are performing a deep clean, or have a lot of debris or pet hair – in this case, you should take all the dirt to your trash bin for disposal.

Shark UV540 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum


  • Carpets – use of the motorized cleaner head will perform much of the cleaning work, and the stiff bristles made from nylon will remove any dirt.
  • Hardwood – when you are cleaning bare floors and hardwood, you turn off the motorized head. Instead, you use the brush with carbon fiber filaments, since these are soft enough to clean the floor with ease without damaging it.

Noise levels

The noise levels that it produces are the standard you would expect from a vacuum cleaner, though it is not too loud to disturb your neighbors or the household.

  • Has good suction power that remains consistent
  • Works very well on all types of carpets
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to switch between different cleaning modes
  • Includes anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • Lacks a place to put the pet power brush and extension wand when you detach them
  • The dust cup is small


Even though the Shark UV540 cleaner comes with a small dust cup, you will find the tradeoff quite satisfactory as the suction power is quite strong, allowing you to make less repetitive cleaning movements.

It is quite easy to maintain as well, so you will not have any issues with using it for a long time.

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