How to Clean Ceramic Tile Shower: Top 4 Methods That You Can Try

how to clean ceramic tile shower,

Ceramic tile shower looks elegant and is extremely durable and versatile. However, for you to maintain its great design and sparkle, you will need to take care of it properly. In fact, this is also important, so that your ceramic tile shower is in good condition all the time. Read Here: How Often Should You Dust Your Home?

If you are wondering how to clean ceramic tile shower, then this article is for you. Below, you will find out some of the best and most effective methods when it comes to cleaning a ceramic tile shower.

Method #1: Use Baking Soda Paste and Vinegar Solution

Clean Ceramic Tile Shower

For the first method, you will need to mix the baking soda to water to make a paste. The paste, however, must have the consistency that toothpaste possesses. If the mixture is thin, you can add more baking soda until you achieve the desired thickness. After making the paste, you can now proceed in preparing the vinegar solution that is pretty easy to do. All you need to do is mix vinegar with a bowl of water. Then transfer it in a spray bottle.

Once you have made the paste, apply it using a sponge. Make sure to spread the baking soda paste over the ceramic tile shower. What’s more, you should apply generous amounts in between the tough stains and ceramic tiles.

After that spray the paste using the vinegar solution. In case you didn’t know, the vinegar reacts with the baking soda, that makes it bubble. Also, the vinegar will help the paste eat over the dirt or stain.

Then, scrub your tile in a circular motion using a scrub brush with a stiff bristle. You can also use pressure in order to get rid of mildew and tough stains from the ceramic tile.

If you think that the stains were removed already, rinse the tile shower using warm water. Make sure to rinse the tiles for about 3-5 minutes.

Finally, dry the ceramic tile shower using a clean and dry towel. Doing so will prevent the water from pooling in the crevices and corners that will aid in the prevention of mildew and mold development.

Method #2: Use washing soda cleanser

Another method that you can try when it comes to cleaning ceramic tile shower is to use washing soda cleanser. To come up with a cleaning solution, simply combine1/2-cup of washing soda or water softener, two tablespoons of rottenstone – it is a finely powdered rock abrasive that is usually utilized in woodworking.

After preparing the solution you can now start cleaning. All you need to do is dip a clean sponge that has an abrasive side in the solution. Then scrub it to the ceramic shower tile. Lastly, rinse it using cold water. As a piece of advice, before you start make sure to try the abrasive side of the sponge to the tile to ensure that it will not leave any scratch.

Methods #3: Use Commercial Ceramic Tile Cleaners

how to clean ceramic tile shower,

This is perhaps the easiest method that you can try most especially if you don’t have enough time to prepare a cleaning solution. Today, there are plenty of commercial ceramic tile shower cleaners in the market. However, keep in mind that not all of them are created equal.

That being said, make sure to opt for one that has a good quality and safe to use. You should also keep in mind that some of these cleaners consist of harsh chemicals that may bring damage to your ceramic tile shower instead of keeping it clean.

So before you make a purchase make sure to obtain information as much as you can about the commercial cleaner that you are considering. Nevertheless, using such cleaners is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer which is usually located in the product’s label or packaging.

By the way, make sure to wear a mask and a pair of gloves if you decided to try this method. Because as mentioned, some cleaners come with strong and harmful chemicals.

Method #4: Use tea tree oil

If you want to keep mildew and at the same time mold at bay, consider wiping your ceramic tile shower after every bath.

For this method, simply combine two teaspoons of tea tree oil and two cups of water. Then transfer it to a spray bottle to make the application much easier. Once the solution is already settled, you can spray it to the ceramic tile. DO NOT RINSE IT.

However, if you don’t have a tea tree oil available, you can make another solution by mixing one cup of water and 1/2 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide. Spray onto the ceramic tile to kill mildew and mold. Keep in mind that these bacteria are not good for our health. Thus getting rid of them as early as possible is extremely important, nevertheless, after the hydrogen peroxide is completely dry, you can clean the tile as you regularly do.

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Other Tips That You Can Do to Keep Your Ceramic Tile Shower Clean

1) Spray vinegar solution to your ceramic tile

By simply doing this twice or thrice a week, you will be able to keep your ceramic tile shower clean for a longer period of time.

However, if you have kids at home make sure to keep the vinegar solution in a hard-to-reach place. And for easy access and to avoid confusion, label the spray bottle with “ceramic tile shower spray”.

2) Wipe your ceramic tiles

Another great way to clean your ceramic tile shower is to wipe it five to seven times a week every after a bath. Doing so will prevent mold and mildew development that may cause serious damage to your ceramic tile.


There you have it the four methods on how to clean ceramic tile shower. Nevertheless, cleaning your ceramic tile shower doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you know what you are doing, you will be able to keep the tile sparking and in good condition

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