20 Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks from Pros

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Keeping your carpet clean at all times requires a lot of hard work. With kids and pets around, expect a carpet full of dirt, spilled juice, and messy food.

And even if you want to, vacuuming your carpet every single time is next to impossible. So how can you prolong the lifespan of your carpet? Here are 20 tips and tricks for cleaning your carpet according to the professionals:

1. Prepare the carpet for vacuuming.

Make sure that there are no objects such as toys, papers, or coins that will block the way of the vacuum cleaner. You should dust the furniture, blinds, and shelves first so the falling dust can also be vacuumed. Read here: How Often Should You Change Your Vacuum Bags?

2. Use vacuum cleaner attachments like nozzle to clean hard to reach areas.

Crevice tool, dusting brush, and extension wand are some of the attachments you can also use for different areas. Especially for heavy furniture, instead of moving and carrying, using a specific attachment can make your job a lot easier.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

3. Vacuum in different directions, both horizontally and vertically.

Carpet fibers are usually twisted and vacuuming in all directions can ensure that every part of the carpet has cleaned thoroughly. Start vacuuming the carpet forward and back the going from left to right.

4. Set a schedule on how often you need to clean your carpet.

Vacuuming regularly doesn’t mean once, twice, or thrice a week. It depends on how dirty, hairy, and soiled your carpet from the pets and other sources.

5. When cleaning the carpet using a rag.

It’s better to use white cloth rather than dyed or patterned rags as the color may transfer to the carpet. Paper towels are also a great alternative and adequate solution for cleaning fresh stains. Also, avoid using brushes because it may damage the carpet fibers.

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6. Choose the right solution

There are lots of commercial carpet cleaners available in the markets that come in spray bottles or can form. It is important to choose the right solution for a specific stain and carpet type. Carefully read the label and make sure that it can clean both fresh and dry stains.

7. Before using the carpet solution.

You should try to apply it to a small area on the carpet. Do not put it directly on the stain as it can wash the dye of the carpet. Some products are not compatible with the type of carpet you have so it’s best to test it first. 

8. Avoid scrubbing the carpet.

Instead, gently dab the affected area using white cloth with a little amount of the solution. Rubbing the carpet vigorously will make the stain harder to take off. Minimize the use of cleaners or soap as it may attract more dirt when left on the carpet. 

9. Using water and clean white cloth.

Rinse the remaining soap on the affected area on the carpet. You don’t need to soak the carpet into the water because the pad beneath may absorb the water which can cause mold and fungus. When the stain is not visible anymore, allow the area to dry completely.

10. Must clean the room first.

If you are planning for carpet shampooing or steam cleaning, you must clean the room first. Remove the furniture, if possible, to protect it from any water damage. But if not, you can cover it using plastic, aluminum foil, or wax paper and place under the furniture’s feet. Read Here: Steam Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner

11. Check the cleaner

Get a carpet shampooing machine with an appropriate cleaning solution for your carpet. Check the cleaner if it has a built-in heating core to keep the water hot. You can either purchase or rent carpet shampooer because a lot of markets offers rentals for carpet cleaners.

12. Make sure it has dried.

Once the carpet has been fully cleaned, you need to be careful not to walk on it until it has dried. When you start cleaning the carpet, begin at the farthest part from the door so you can work your way out. Plan your exit carefully so you will stay away from the corner.

13. Try not to add much soap.

Cleaning solutions usually come with shampoo or detergent that you can find in the market. Pour a small amount in the water inside the container according to the procedure on the bottle. Try not to add much soap because it may damage the machine and the carpet as well.

14. Some detergents may be harmful.

So you should not be barefooted when cleaning your carpet. You can wear socks, plastic covers, or booties to protect your feet. Never wear shoes while cleaning to avoid attracting dirt into the carpet.

15. Carpet cleaners are designed to release water.

As you push the machine and suck it up when you pull it back. Allow the extractor to get as much as water to the carpet to avoid leaving it too wet. If this happens, the carpet pad may absorb to much water and results in building molds and fungus.

16. To make sure that the carpet dries up well.

Open the doors and windows and let the air circulate. If not possible, use the air conditioners, carpet dryers, fans, blowers, or air movers for fast drying. It may take 6 to 24 hours to dry the carpet depending on the method you chose to use. 

17. Sometimes, soap residue remains on the carpet even after cleaning it.

To clean the carpet thoroughly, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove remaining detergents. It is recommended to clean it carefully because the longer a stain occurs, it will be more difficult to remove it.

18. Remove anything such as food and drinks away from the carpet.

It is more difficult to clean this type of flooring compared to others like textiles. That is why the kitchen and dining rooms usually don’t have carpet flooring.

19. Training your pets properly can avoid having dirt to carpets.

If your pets have a litter box, make sure to place them far away from the carpet for easy cleaning. But if it can’t be helped, you can buy a rubber litter mat and put it under their litter box to maintain a clean carpet.

20. Take care of the stains as soon as possible.

To stop it from spreading throughout the carpet. Don’t rush yourself when cleaning the carpet, go over several sections with more than one pass. That way, you are 100% sure that ground-in dust and dirt are removed.


Carpets keep your feet warm due to thermal insulation and resistance, which makes it good for sitting, playing, or even working. There are different types, textures, and designs of carpets that would make a great backdrop to a room. A clean and comfortable carpet can add beauty and style to your home. 

Do you have any additional tips for better carpet cleaning? Share it now! 

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